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The Contents Process - An Example
The Contents Process - An Example

Review this example of a generic (more detailed contents process). How does this resonate with your operations?

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When learning iCat, it's best to fully understand your own current operations, and then look to learn how iCat can help and empower each step in your current process.

Take the time to write out your own process.  Try to get as detailed as possible.  You will soon be navigating and using the features and technology in iCat with purpose, to help you deliver on your existing process.

Take a look to see how the example below resonates with your current process.  What's missing in your list?  What steps do you have which are not depicted below?  The closer you are to understanding your process, the easier it will be to learn and use iCat for your contents division.

Bring Contents to Warehouse

  1. Offload Vehicles

  2. Separate Rush/Wet/Sub-trade Contents

  3. Move Contents to Vaults/Storage

  4. Inventory Soft Contents (if not inventoried on-site)

Office Admin - Post Pack-out Field Service

  1. Get Descriptions: Send to Fast CATALOG (optional)

  2. Create a Reserve Estimate and Send to Adjuster

  3. Close any Open Field Services

  4. Schedule Additional Field Service to Complete Pack-Out / Inventory (if required)


  1. Decide which Contents to Clean

  2. Move Contents into Restoration Area

  3. Clean Contents

  4. Process Soft Contents

  5. Update Cleaning Success

  6. Inventory Unsuccessful Cleaned Contents (If applicable)

  7. Re-package Cleaned Contents

Store Contents

  1. Place into Storage

  2. Move Vault(s) into Fixed Warehouse Storage


  1. Get Non-Salvage Values: Send to Fast LKQ (Optional)

  2. Generate a Final Estimate / Invoice (pre-delivery)

Arrange Contents Delivery

  1. Arrange Delivery

  2. Locate and Prepare Items prior to Delivery


  1. Talk to the Insured On-Site

  2. Obtain Signatures

Office Admin - Post Pack-Back Field Service

  1. Close any Open Field Services

  2. Schedule Additional Field Service to Complete Pack-Back (if required)

  3. Contact Insured re: Customer Satisfaction (Optional)

  4. Bill for Pack-Back 

Close File

  1. Customer Survey: Obtain Net Promoter Feedback (Optional)

When analyzing your macro and micro processes, you can continue to get deeper and deeper into the micro steps until you have a perfect picture of your production and administrative processes driving your current business.  Then, your team will be ready to quickly learn how to use iCat in every single scenario which matters to you.

If you have a process which you don't see here, search our support forum or log into iCat, click on the Chat Icon (bottom right), and engage in additional or advanced support.

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