What is Schedule of loss?

It is a list of non-salvageable items with original pricing information, age of items, condition, and if requested, replacement values and purchase links where these items can now be purchased.   

Depending on what service you are providing your adjuster, the Schedule of Loss will be an important tool for the carrier to assist in they payout and settlement process for the insured so they can receive monies for their non-salvage items.  

A Non-Salvage Schedule of Loss can be generated in Excel format, to be emailed to the adjuster - or - can also be published on-line for the Adjuster to view.

Here's how (see the video below for detailed walk-through): 

  1. Navigate to the Jobs View (Office > Jobs).  

  2. Search for the Job and select the checkbox beside the box. 

  3. From the Action Menu navigate to Reports > Estimates > Non Salvage Schedule of Loss > iCat Schedule of Loss.   

An excel document will download for you to review and email as an attachment. 

 Alternatively, you can publish it from the claim dashboard directly to your adjuster. 

To publish the Schedule of Loss on-line to your adjuster, navigate to the respective Job Dashboard, and from the Send Email pulldown, select Publish Non-Salvage SOL to Adjuster.

Watch this video to learn more:

This report includes all non-salvage contents.  For a specific group of items only, use the Contents Administration View. 

From the Jobs View you can one-click to generate a Schedule of Loss for all Non-Salvage Contents to be shared with your Adjuster.

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