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How To Close Or Reopen A Job
How To Close Or Reopen A Job

Optimize the speed of your iCat instance and declutter all your views by closing jobs when they are done. It's easy to reopen a job later.

Written by Xavier
Updated over a week ago

When you finish with a claim, do you keep all the contents and refuse in your facility?  Do you let contents from old jobs which have long been closed pile up everywhere -  thus creating a frustrating nightmare as your team processes new jobs and move through the warehouse storing and locating contents?  Of course not!!

Take the same approach to your software.  Keeping your software clean is incredibly important, as it declutters all your views and lets your teams deal only with current jobs.

As you close out a job in your back office, ensure you have a protocol to close the job in iCat - which by the way is very easy to do.  Here's how:

  1. Find the Job using the Jobs View (Office > Jobs).

  2. Click on the job <Ref #> to access the Job Dashboard

  3. Select the <Close Job> option from Job Config pulldown. 

  4. Follow the prompts, which walk you through the main steps related to a Job such as asking if you would like all the non-salvage marked as disposed.

To Reopen a Job, navigate to the Jobs View, and search by Status = Closed.  From the results list, select the <Ref #> of the job.    Then, in the respective the Job Dashboard, select <Resume Job> from the Job Config Pulldown Menu. 

UPDATE: A user can now select many jobs in jobs list view, then click Close Job from Action Menu.

It will show repeating confirmation prompts for each selected job to dispose non salvage items, close task etc...

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