This article will cover the basic layout of this view for new users.  

The production view is a powerful tool for most warehouse activities such as:

  • Receive Contents from Job Site

  • Transfer and Locate Contents

  • Scan, and Lookup Contents

  • Update Cleaning Status

  • Print Pack-Back Labels

  • Reprint Barcodes

  • Pick Contents from Pick-Lists

  • Powerful Search Capabilities

  • Organize your warehouse Vaults and Locations

  • Find Contents to Clean

  • Find Contents to Deliver

  • Find Anything!

See Video Below for Walk-through

Get There:  Tap on Production > Contents Production

You can Search by Scanning a Barcode [RECOMMENDED], Or

You can Search Manually by Typing in the Barcode, or 

You can Search Manually by Typing the Description, Location Name, Job Item / Location ID

Barcode Scanning Feedback

When Scanning a Barcode, the scanning view at the top left provides feedback regarding what was scanned, and the validity of the barcode.  If it scans red, that cautions the user that the barcode does not exist in the cloud.  Set aside and review.  Possible reasons are that the item was never originally inventoried, the pack-out device containing this original inventory was never uploaded, the barcode was deleted, or the barcode does not match the search criteria (pick-list) selected.

LIST DETAIL VIEW (after searching/scanning contents)

Warehouse / Storage Locations


Content Line Item

Item Status Legend

Expanding Locations - Color Logic

Alternating Color Family Represent Multiple Expanded Selections

Selection Summary

When contents are selected (by scanning barcodes or manually tapping a line item / location), the Selection Summary Panel at the bottom of the view will provide valuable feedback regarding what has been selected.  

  • !  Exclamation Mark Indicates a selection conflict which may or may not be important to the user based on the task being performed.  The Exclamation will turn red when contents belonging to Multiple Jobs have been selected, or when both Replacement and Restored Status are detected in the selected contents.

  • How many of the selected Items/Boxes have a Rush Status

  • How many Warehouse Locations have been selected.

  • How many Vaults (Vaults/Pallets/Crates) have been selected.

  • How many Rolling Racks have been selected.

  • How many Boxes have been selected.

  • How many Single Items have been selected.

  • Tapping Clear first clears all selected items, and tapping a second time will clear any contents / search from the Contents Production View. 

Smart Search Filter

Toggle the Smart Search Filter to view a breakdown summary  of contents which have been selected.

Tapping the Smart Search Filter before scanning or searching for contents will provide a breakdown of all the contents in your possession based on popular filters such as Contents To Clean, Rush Contents, Open Pick-Lists, and Contents Without Location.

Tapping the Smart Search Filter AFTER scanning or manually searching for contents will yield a valuable breakdown of these contents.   Depending on the operators task, this level of feedback will ensure the right action/transfer is being applied to the right contents.  

Each time an option in the Smart Search Filter is Selected (then press OK), the contents list will be refined and refreshed to reflect the chosen filters.  Select the Smart Search Filter again to see a new breakdown based on the prior filter.  Keep filtering, or clear at any time.  Great tools to help you navigate to help complete the task at hand.

Watch this overview video for more information on the Contents Production View. 

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