Watch this video to learn how to inventory contents using the Contractor App for the purpose of cleaning - when you want to bill for cleaning by the box size or characteristic.

Note: Cleaning Box Resources must be set up in order to use them in the App.

Even if you only bill time and material, this approach to inventorying contents will speed you through the inventory process.

The idea here is that we don't really need to have a description for each and every single item in the box. Why?

  • If the billing team bills based on the box description, then capturing individual descriptions of contents in a box like this might be a waste of time.  Instead, pictures are worth a thousand words. 

  • What if we need to find something?  Honestly, it's rare, but when it does happen, the Insureds can search visually on-line, just like the contractor, using our gallery tools.  Why slow down each and every inventory just to label each stapler, hair brush, fork, and knife?

  • Get creative with descriptions.  Take pictures to represent what is in the cleaning box, and for description, be generic - or - think "outside the box" and write the location where you took these items from as the description.  For example "Bottom Drawer right of fridge".

Watch this video to learn more:

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