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How To Create Custom Tags for Sorting and Reporting
How To Create Custom Tags for Sorting and Reporting

Setup Custom Tags for Pack-out Inventory, warehouse tracking / flagging, or to help organize inventories based. Get Creative!

Written by Xavier
Updated over a week ago

Custom Tags were created to help your organization get creative in how you organize and sort inventories.  Your creativity is the only limit to how you setup and implement the use of tags in your process.  Here are just a few examples: 

  • Insured walk-through at the facility, deciding what they want, don't want, don't like, etc.. Scan the item and apply the tag using the mobile production view in the app.  Later, sort your lists/picklists and do the needful.

  • At the Pack-out, you may need to isolate contents possibly belonging to the tenant, which is not covered under the policy.

  • At the Pack-out, some items may be picked up by a sub-trade, so you can assign a Sub-trade Pickup Tag or simply "Taken by Mike Furniture" - anything.

The whole point of tags is to help a office or warehouse administrator, later down the line, to search and organize reports/lists/deliveries etc based on the Custom Tags used for whatever the reason may have been.

Once you have created custom tags, you can use search fields in many of the views to sort and filter by the tag types used, even if you did not know what tag type was applied to a job.

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