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6. Take Walk-out Pictures When Leaving
6. Take Walk-out Pictures When Leaving

Be safe and protect yourself and the company by documenting the site conditions prior to leaving for the day.

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It's About Protecting Yourself, and the Company

Walk-out Images

The purpose of taking walk-out pictures is to document once again any and all pre-existing damages as well as the state of the room when you leave for the day.  This practice provides evidences that no new damage of any sort has been caused by the pack out team throughout their presence at the job site and further protects the company from subsequent damage or leakage after the crew as left as many trades or even the homeowner have 24 hour access to the property.

Thorough and meticulous walk-in and walk-out pictures can protect your company and your team members from any unjustified claim of property damages, theft,  or other insurance claims.

Remind your teams that the Homeowner and the Adjuster can see these pictures if your company has turned on this feature.  In fact, the Adjuster often relies on these walk in and walk out pictures so that they have an understanding of the scope and severity of the job as they are often not able to attend on-site until much later, if ever at all.

Some companies prefer to not share this data with the insured, and keep these images as their insurance against future claims.  This way the insured does not know what images the contractor has or does not have.

Good pictures keeps everyone in check and confident in the process.  The name of the game is customer service.  And good customer service means we do things right. 

Doing things right means less problems for everyone.


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