What is a pick list?

Pick lists can be used by warehouse teams to retrieve and find contents specific to a list created by a warehouse or admin user. It helps them locate and prepare contents required for upcoming deliveries / pack-backs, rush pickups by an insured, contents to be picked up or taken to a subcontractor, or even specific contents to be brought to the restoration floor for restoration or repair. There are many useful reasons to create a pick list.

iCat offers the user a traditional printed pick-list and a more useful mobile e-solution within the iCat mobile app). Mobile users can find pick-lists on the app, work individually or with multiple users to pick and update the list in real time. It provides all the relevant information to understand exactly what needs to be picked (number of vaults, pallets, racks, boxes, individual items) and where to pick it from.

Using the Mobile Pick List

Creating a Pick List

Managing Open Pick Lists

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