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Welcome to iCat

Is this your first time using iCat? Make sure to complete the required setup!

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Congratulations, and welcome to iCat!

Once logged in, the best thing to do right now is click on "Support" from the main header, which will take you to your dedicated support page - concentrate on articles related to setup.

Take the time to go through these and set up your infrastructure to speed up your learning and implementation of iCat.

First things first: Setup your label printer.   I also recommend setting up some locations and box resources and downloading the App from the iTunes App Store (search for "iCat Inventory" - contractor edition).  

Once your hardware has been set up and the app installed, create a test job and run it through to completion - from "pack-out to pack-back."  When performing the sample packout, focus on packing out the following types of contents, which represent a typical packout:

  • Contents that are placed into a box and ultimately priced for cleaning by the characteristics of that box (billing by the box, also known as a Cleaning Box in iCat) and not by the individual items going into the box

  • Contents to be priced individually but still packaged in a box (such as laptops & computers) (known as a Regular Box in iCat)

  • Large non-boxed items (such as a chair or table)

  • Non-salvageable items

Please complete the above exercise before using iCat on a real job.  

Let's do this right: iCat is a powerful technology tool and can help do amazing things for your organization. Ensuring you understand the technology and software deeply will allow you to introduce it into your current content operations correctly.

Take the time to go through our Training Forum. It will accelerate your adoption of our technology into your contents infrastructure.


The fastest way to get a hold of the support team is to click on the Chat icon on the lower right of your iCat Software View.  You can even chat with us through your App.

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