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Add your location and email address, along with hours of operation and company logo.

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In this short tutorial, we will guide you through setting up your company. The information you input here will appear on your reports, forms, and online adjuster and insured portals.

  1. Hover your cursor over Admin and <Company Setup>.

  2. You are now presented with a page that lets you enter the details of your company:

Company Name:  Your company's full name
Subtitle: Your company's slogan or tagline
Contact Details: The address and phone number of your company's main headquarters.
Time Zone: The time zone of your company's main headquarters.
Short / Long Date Time Format: The format which the date will be displayed throughout most views and reports.
Company Logo: Your company's logo, uploaded through the web interface. Using a clear, high- resolution logo in .jpg file format set at 800 X 600 pixel, with a clear or white background is encouraged for best results when printing. [Select checkbox to include company logo on login page.]
Company Banner: Company Banner that appears on your web portal which is viewable by the insured and the adjuster if you have granted them authorization.
Set Working Hours: The working hours of your company. This is useful with iCAT's Field Services feature, which calculates the cost of resources including labor costs based on time used in the field and whether or not these resources are to be billed for regular time, overtime, double time, or a combination of all three.
Authorization Text: Text which you enter into this field will display on the Main Report Estimate.   It's basically telling the adjuster, who looks at this report, that you have all the authorizations required to proceed.
Warranty Text: Warranty information that will appear on packing slips for client signature. A packing slip is the delivery document which outlines all the contents being returned to the insured. If your company has a warranty or return policy, here is where you enter the text. See Below
Signature Text: Text will appear near the signature locatedon the Packing Slip. Example: “All itemshave been received in good condition. See Below

After clicking Update, your changes take effect and you are ready to begin using iCAT and continue setting up your software.

Suggestions for Setup Text:

Authorization Text:

Insured has authorized the economical restoration/repairs as outlined below, the environmental disposal of non-salvageable (documented) items, and the return of all restored items. The insured has signed this authorization request along with a direction of payment to ~ for all work performed by ~

Warranty Text:

This is to confirm that the Platinum Warranty Coverage applies to your affected contents which have successfully been restored from any damaged related to the nature of your claim.
The Platinum Warranty Coverage covers these products for a period of 1 year from the date which they were successfully restored for any damage directly related to the nature of your original insurance claim. Please note that warranty will not be covered if the set up declined by the insured during delivery.
Any item returned for warranty inspection will either

1. Be repaired/restored to pre-loss condition; or
2. If the unit is not repairable/restorable, the restoration charge will be credited and the item will be scheduled and reported to your insurance company as an item which is not economical to restore and subsequently requires replacement through your existing policy.

Submitting a claim:
Carry-In: Please bring the warranty item to our location for a complete inspection and repair/restore the item under warranty.

On-Site: If the item requires more than 1 person to move, ~ will arrange to pickup, inspect, repair, and return the item under warranty.

1. Any item which has a warranty sticker removed will NOT be covered under warranty.
2. A credit card and a completed pre-authorization form will be required for all warranty submissions. No charges will be incurred if the damage found is related to the nature of the claim.

If the damage found is NOT related to the claim, the insured is responsible for any inspection, pickup, and delivery charges as applicable.
3. Software, Data, and Computer Virus are not covered under the Warranty Program.
4. Items repaired using parts and labor will hold a warranty of 60 days.


Service Director

Signature Text:

I confirm receipt of items outlined and satisfied with the quality of the work and further authorize my insurance company to pay ~ directly for any services related to my claim of which ~ has been involved with.Setup and Placement Refusal: Please be advised that ~ is here to deliver and return items to their original room location unless otherwise indicated. By refusing setup, and or requesting boxes and items to be placed in a location other than the original room, ~ will not be responsible to retrieve items from different boxes at a later date. Consult your packing slip or search your products on-line to see which item is in which box location.I understand ~ will not be responsible for lost or damaged contents which are located in boxes and individual items which I refused to go through with the delivery and setup personnel at the time of delivery.Insured / Road Lead Initial here if setup refused, or boxes requested to be placed in location other than original location: _________________ __________________Insured’s Initials / Road Lead’s initials

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