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Edit or Add a New Employee / User
Edit or Add a New Employee / User

How to add a user and set their appropriate rights.

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This article will teach you how to quickly setup a new user, while skipping all the details surrounding roles, permissions, and rights.  Quite frankly, the newer version will retire these roles and present much simpler options regarding view/edit/delete rights.  

So for now, to set up a new employee, please follow the instructions below:

Select <Employees> from the Admin Drop Down Menu.  This will bring you to the Manage Employee / User Window.  

  1. Select . <Add New User>" from the Action Menu and fill out the basic contact information.  It is important that a unique email address be used for each user.

  2. Near the right, <Assign> every possible Department (except Management) as an Admin level User Type

  3. Only Give Management rights to those employees who will be able to delete pictures and line items, as well as add or delete users to the system.

  4. Prior to saving, select the Office radio button as the default Department Role Type.

By default all the department rights are assigned to all new users. You can remove the department rights by clicking on the red " X" sign if you decide not to give certain rights to certain users.  We recommend that you do not edit Department and User Type designations as it will create unnecessary red tape and confusion when using iCat.

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