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Add Parts Bin Locations

A core feature for electronics restoration contractors is the ability to assign parts to a parts bin for a specific content item.

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A great feature if you process electronics or constantly find your department keeping and losing screws and pieces of content items that you wanted to put aside while cleaning.

To utilize the feature, you first need to set up some Parts Bins:

To add Part Bins to the system, under the Admin> Job Support menu, select <Manage Part Bin>. This will open a new view; click the <Add New Part Bin> option under the Action Menu, where you can create a new part bin by giving it a name and assigning a barcode. To have the system generate a barcode for you, click the icon next to the barcode text field. The description for the part bin is optional; when complete, click the Save button to create the part bin.

Hint: When naming a parts bin, you might want to name it based on its location or the longitude-latitude coordinates to which the bin should be returned, such as "A3".   It may hang on the wall or a shelf - naming it after the place it needs to be returned to may prove beneficial.

Expert Hint:  If the cleaning area is separate from the quality control or assembly area, create a mirror of the location setup (physically - not in iCat).  This way, if a user during cleaning/dismantling assigns a hard drive to a part bin A7 during cleaning, then at the end of the shift or day, those parts bins can be moved to the Assembly or Quality Control or Testing area and be placed in the correct A7 Spot.  The next day, or later, when a user scans the computer and prepares to assemble it, he is directed to A7 to obtain the hard drive, which needs to be put back into the computer.  

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