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Track the pickup, estimating, repair, and deliver process associated with contents assigned to a subcontractor.

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If your planning on using the subcontractor module, you will need to add subcontractors.

  1. To add a new subcontractor to the system, from the Admin menu option at the top, select <Manage Subcontractors> under Contacts.  

  2. Select <Add New Subcontractor> from the Action Menu.

  3. Fill in the name of the company, address, and contact details.

The Preferred Correspondence (Pre Correspondence), indicates which of the 3 methods of communication the subcontractor prefers/requires, when sending requests.

The Primary Contact is the person who is usually deals with your company at the subcontractor.

The mark-up and pricing type indicates how much you want to charge in addition to the subcontractors estimate/invoice. This charge will appear both in the pricing view, main report, and the item details.  Typically, contractors use the % markup with a value of 20%. Select your own mark-up based on your company policy.

3. Finally, in the Job Item Category tab at the bottom, select what category(s) of items the subcontracts deals with for your company.

The subcontractor view will display for you the most relevant subcontractor for the item instead of searching through a sea of subcontractors to select the right one.

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