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Adjusters Using iCat for Non-Salvage Inventory
Initial Training for Adjuster Team new to iCat
Initial Training for Adjuster Team new to iCat

50 min Training and Overview for Adjusters

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This training webinar reviews the basics of using iCat in the office and in the field.

Please refer to related detailed training articles within our support forum for in-depth training.

The training session has been chaptered (bottom right of video screen) for easier navigation:

  • Create new Job

  • Room Documentation

  • Non-Salvage Inventory Tools

  • In-App Documents

  • Tagging Contents for Future Reporting/Searches

  • Review Inventory Visually

  • Send to Fast CATALOG (Descriptions) and Fast LKQ (Valuation)

  • Homeowner Portal

  • Non-Salvage Schedule of Loss (SOL)

  • Pricing Review

  • Multiple Users on Same Job

  • Adjusters can be Adjusters

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