1 Year Free Trial Subscription

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about the 1 Year Free Trial Subscription

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1 Year Free Trial Subscription

Q: Is my 1 year trial subscription totally free?

A: Yes, $0.00 signup and $0.00 monthly license fee (Normally $500 Signup + $250/month). It does not include add-on services such as Fast CATALOG and Fast LKQ. Available to companies who have never used iCat.

Q: How much am I charged after 1 year?

A: After 1 year your subscription renews @ $175/month or lower (based on negotiated franchise rates if applicable). Signup fee will be waived.

Q: Why do I need a credit card to sign up?

A: Because there is an option to use additional services, a valid credit card is still required at signup, and throughout your 1 year access to the platform.

Q: I don’t want to use any additional services. Will iCat still be free?

A: Yes. Add jobs, perform inventories, import schedules of losses, price them out, generate reports, collaborate with insureds and carriers. Manage all your claims/jobs inventories. All of these features are available for free. Using Fast CATALOG (off-line guaranteed image recognition) and Fast LKQ (Non-Salvage Replacement LKQ Valuations) are optional fee based services which are not free.

Q: What is Audio Inventory, and how much does it cost?

A: Audio inventory is Free. It uses Artificial Intelligence to process your voice. As you take a picture and talk, for example if you say “15 Polo T-Shirts”, iCat will populate all the relative information in the respective fields without any additional input from the camera operator. iCat knows “15” is Quantity, “Polo” is the Brand, and “T-Shirts” is the Description.

Q: Can I scan UPC barcodes?

Y: Yes - and - iCat will automatically lookup the UPC data and update the relevant Description, Make, Model data into the respective fields.

Q: Can I import my insured’s excel schedule of Loss for valuation?

A: Yes, data from any schedule of loss can be imported into iCat.

Q: What is the Homeowner Portal, how is it used?

A: After an inventory is created using the iCat Inventory App, or uploaded into iCat, the user can send a portal link to the homeowner, where they can choose to input any relevant data which will ultimately help iCat’s system narrow to better replacement and depreciation values. The insured can update the following data: Years Owned, Condition, Original Price Paid, Purchase Location, and comments.

Q: What mobile platform does iCat work on?

A: Apple iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad). We recommend the latest generation iPod from Apple as the cheapest and most effective inventory tool.

Q: What is the Fast CATALOG add on service?

A: This on-demand service allows you to leverage our off-site image recognition technology, which will create a detailed (and guaranteed accurate) inventory list from your images. Basically, for every item you photo inventory (regardless of the amount of images), you will receive back a detailed (and accurate) description of the item, make/model (if applicable), along with a depreciation Class/Type and related depreciation %.

Q: Who uses the Fast Catalog service?

A: Contractors experiencing an increase in claims volume generally leverage this service. It allows them to simply snap pictures of contents and non-salvage items, saving hours and days by not having to type descriptions, makes, models, etc. With the reduced time required on-site, contractors are able to handle more jobs with the same resources. It is all about opportunity cost: If you can complete a job in half the time, what else can you do with that extra time?

Q: If I did not use the iCat inventory App, can I upload images from my own device/drive?

A: Yes.

Q: Can more than one person use the mobile app to take pictures on-site?

A: You can have as many people as you want to perform an on-site inventory at the same job.

Q: How much does the Fast CATALOG service cost?

A: Current rates are posted within the software solution. Recent rates have averaged around .20/line item.

Q: Fast CATALOG seems expensive to use. Is it worth it?

A: If you don’t have much work, and are able to spend time on-site to perform an inventory, then no, it’s better to perform the inventory yourself and spend the time to input all descriptions, makes, and model data, thus increasing you on-site billable hours. However, if you are busy, and have another 40k job to pack-out/inventory, then being as quick on-site as possible allows you to handle more volume.

When you NEED speed, Fast CATALOG is certainly worth it. Ask any contractor currently using Fast CATALOG - they can’t stop. It’s a comforting feeling knowing that there is “Administration on Tap” when you need it.

Q: Is the Fast CATALOG service accurate?

A: Very. We understand the importance of precise data required especially for non-salvage inventory. iCat has been developing this technology since 2009. Public adjusters, carriers, and contractors have great confidence knowing all description data returned is as accurate as possible.

Q: Does Fast CATALOG image recognition work every single time?

A: Yes, as long as a good picture was taken. If you can easily recognize an image, so can iCat’s AI (Artificial Intelligence). If you can easily recognize the make and model number from the images, so can our AI. If you can easily discern what the item in question is (especially if there are other items in the background), so can our Fast CATALOG intelligence. iCat publishes best practices training available free to help you and your support teams understand how to best take images for non-salvage documentation.

Q: What is Fast LKQ?

A: FAST LKQ is an on demand valuation service that provides Replacement Values for submitted line items submitted on a schedule of loss. Replacement values are live, including supporting valuation web links, with matching depreciation rates and ACV based on type/category (classified by the service AI). Contractors can collaborate with insureds through the insured portal, making it easier to obtain howmener data such as original price paid, purchase location, years owned, and condition. Completed Schedules of Loss can be generated in virtually any format for carriers, viewed on-line, or exported to a supported CSV file.

Q: How does the Fast LKQ technology work?

A: Developed in 2009, our ever evolving artificial intelligence platform feeds available line item data to our LKQ engine, which combines powerful algorithms with intelligent web crawlers to determine the best replacement cost and source of a particular item. And yes, we also have a team of smart humans at the controls making sure we deliver a perfect solution.

Q: What is the turnaround time to complete pricing for a non-salvage inventory?

A: On paid subscriptions, cycle times for completed schedules of loss average 2 to 7 business days, regardless of the number of items submitted, assuming good images are good, and/or all provided descriptions are accurate. Sometimes, images may loop in our AI recognition bin due to being blurry, partial images, images of items which can’t be priced/described, or images with too many different types of items in the background - these types of images or descriptions will slow down turnaround time.

Q: What depreciation rates does iCat use?

A: iCat uses the accepted Standard Military Depreciation guide. iCat also provides flexibility for Carriers to use custom depreciation values.

Q: Who uses the Fast LKQ service?

A: Adjusters who are either too busy, or, who need to dramatically improve non-salvage valuation cycle times for their customers/insureds/carriers.

Q: How much does the Fast LKQ service cost?

A: Current rates are posted within the software solution. With paid subscriptions, recent rates have averaged $1.00USD/line item.

Q: Fast LKQ seems expensive to use. Is it worth it?

A: If your carrier or adjuster needs a rapid and accurate valuation for non-salvage, then absolutely yes. For carriers, their current costs to process non-salvage inventory valuation far exceeds what it would cost through iCat. More importantly, the rapid cycle times provided by iCat help carriers pay out their insureds quicker, which ultimately helps them retain policies post claim. If your carrier needs

Q: Is the Fast LKQ service accurate?

A: Very. With good images, or detailed descriptions from uploaded schedules of loss, + homeowner participation (purchase place, purchase price, years owned, condition), the valuations returned are quite accurate. We understand the importance of precise data which is required to provide Schedules of Loss in the property loss industry.

Q: Does iCat Guarantee its LKQ Valuation Data?

A: Yes, in our paid subscription model, iCat guarantees the data. Most valuations are based on a simple description, or image. Often, there is a lot of grey area, especially if only an image of a couch was submitted. This image could best be supported by providing homeowner input such as age, purchase location, original price paid etc. With this complete data, our AI can deliver the best possible price.

If the contractor feels there could be a better price or replacement url for a specific item, iCat will review the inquiry and resubmit if required.

Q: Do I have to review the data before submitting to the insured/carrier?

A: No. iCat provides this review so that completed schedules of loss can directly be forwarded to adjusters/carrieres/insureds.

Q: What type of line items can I submit to Fast LKQ?

A: All general personal property items can be sent to Fast LKQ. We do recommend any high value items, collectables, high value art, jewelry, antiques, etc be priced out yourself, or left for the Adjuster. Alternatively, you can submit to iCat but keep in mind that you will need to review these prices and manually adjust them to fit their highvalue/collectible/antique status. iCat does not process commercial/industrial valuations.

Q: I do a lot of commercial and industrial losses. Can iCat Fast LKQ price these items out?

A: While iCat will not guarantee or complete most commercial and industrial type line items (machinery, lab tools, etc), it will make an attempt, but not guarantee any results. The contractor can still use iCat to create or upload these items and use our platform to perform the valuations themselves at no cost.

Q: Does Fast LKQ work every single time?

A: Yes, for personal property line items. iCat does not process commercial/industrial property items. Additionally, If the image is poor, unrecognizable, a piece or a part of something (not individually purchasable), has a vague or unrecognizable description, or if the description/image refers to different types of purchasable items, then no, a valuation can not be assigned. Each line item submitted must be a single class of purchasable items. For example, a picture of different items in a desk drawer would not be priced.

Q: Does iCat provide Tax information on Schedules?

A: Yes, tax data is applied (if the requested schedule of loss format requires/includes it) based on zip/postal code of the insured.

For detailed features or questions, please visit support.icatsoftware.com.

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