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Independent Contractors Review iCat Contents

Feedback From Contractors Using iCat

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"In just two months iCat has allowed us to double our crew size without adding a single employee.."

In just two months iCat has allowed us to double our crew size without adding a single employee and has increased production at our pack outs. It is an unbelievable product that support the many facets of the contents business and I'm excited to have implemented this software solution. Learning was easy as it is identical to our existing protocols and the chat support team is always there to help with questions. I can ask a question on support chat and within minutes a solution is presented. The other part of this support is that they’re willing to change or add things to their program that helps your own protocol stay the same. We did try Contents Track and really did not care for it as it was limited in functionality and didn’t offer the full capabilities of tracking and organizing that ICat offers . I could not image our business now running without iCat. As the owner, along with my wife, who are responsible for the operations of this business, hands on 7 days a week, iCat has saved my life.

Sean Cresent - Total Loss Services Corporation

"Now we are clearing rooms with iCat in a third of the time.."

Technically this is our first time using iCat for write offs and boy has it made life easy. We are at a huge fire loss and with Fast CATALOG we are able to\ breeze RIGHT through it. I say that because before we spent hours writing and sorting. Now we are clearing rooms with iCat in a third of the time.

I don’t know but I think I’m in love.

Thanks iCat and Fast CATALOG

Lance Coleman - Gilco Restoration Inc

"Their Customer Service and training has been top notch..."

Dear iCat:

We have a independent, full service restoration company in Green Bay Wisconsin (Go Pack!). We have been using icat for almost 6 years. The icat contents inventory system was a godsend for us in Cold Wisconsin trying to hand write inventories with no heat or power sometimes after a fire. Little did we know back then, how much we would come to rely on the icat system to not only speed up inventory but to streamline our systems and ability to produce reports and limit our liabilities through excellent recording and documentation. Icat has only improved over the years and we would be lost without it! Their Customer Service and training has been top notch and with their help we have countless happy customers and Adjusters who thank us too!


Scott M. Schumacher - Square One Restoration

"We went from $1m to $3m..."

We went from $1m to $3m in contents revenue because we finally had a tool (iCat) that kept our heads screwed on right...

We have been using ICAT for 6 years now here at BELFOR Property Restoration, Philadelphia Office. It has been a game changer for our contents business as we run our whole division through ICAT from pack out, production, estimating & warehouse it really is all you need to go from a loss leader to a full profit center. ICAT’s support is second to none and once you are setup and trained you will not be disappointed!

We have used ICAT for Inventorying boxes with 2.5 million book from a university library we also had to move an store multiple buildings for a company so we setup a 30k warehouse installed racking, we then labeled all the rows & shelf’s with ICAT location barcodes. Once the pack out was completed all of items and boxes were scanned to skids then move to the storage warehouse were they were scanned to a rack location ICAT was flawless!

- Glenn Allison / Belfor

"I’m super excited about this program. It’s better than winning the lottery...!"

Chelsa Klingbeil - Content Manager at Paul Davis of Greater Phoenix

"...super easy for production users!"

Best customer service and great software. I have had experience with other software and iCat is definitely preferred! So simple and accessible and super easy for production users!

Desiree Corona - Technician

"customer service requests is always phenomenal..."

I love you guys! Your I love you guys! Your response time to customer service requests is always phenomenal and the answer is always quick and painless. Thanks for being awesome! and the answer is always quick and painless. Thanks for being awesome!

Christopher Bradford - FRSteam of Utah

"I love using iCat!!!"

I love using iCat!!! Once I got the hang of it, it became easy to use. I've had homeowners say they love that they can view there items on there own time and not have MORE paperwork. Also they like the fact that they can ask for items online.

Katy Wray - Cleanrite-Buildrite

"We love ICat! It has improved our pack out processes beyond our wildest dreams."

First General Service of Western PA

"An integral component of our modern Contents Processing Facility"

An integral component of our modern Contents Processing Facility is the iCAT technology. Organization, efficiency and consistent cleaning quality during the contents restoration process is key to creating ecstatic homeowners.

Maja Starner - Stanley Restoration

"...this system creates a simple bridge between the field and the office!!"

iCat has been a great addition to our contents department. Being able to track everything with the barcodes really helps production and customer satisfaction. With a quick search we know exactly where a certain item is located and can create a pick list with ease. There is a learning curve, but by using the online video tutorials as well as the help chat, questions are easily answered and resolved. As long as all users are trained properly, this system creates a simple bridge between the field and the office!!
Seth A. Washburn Packoutz

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