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New to iCat? Rallying your teams? Here are some talking points.
New to iCat? Rallying your teams? Here are some talking points.

Learning iCat? New to technology powered contents? Need to convince your teams? Inspire them by letting them know WHY we use iCat.

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In my past life as a contents trainer - often brought in to help struggling contents divisions and high performing contents divisions reach new heights - I would literally spend the first 70% of my time discussing the culture of their contents division: the what; the why; the end goals; and the impact of delivering on these goals. After that, teaching them how to use iCat was a series of "aha" moments one after the other, as they understood exactly how and why iCat's contents production technology could empower them to do their jobs, reach their goals, and reap the benefits of operational excellence.

From 2009 - 2019 I've trained thousands of contractors from hundreds of companies. My format was always the same. I've included a few of my talking points below in hopes that it may help those who are keen to implement iCat as the technology layer to power their growth and excellence in this field.

- Riaz Walji


1. Culture

  • Why are we here?

  • What is the goal of the company? Sales? Profit? How do we get that? Doing things well. Making insureds happy - calm quiet claims process. Making adjusters jobs simple - more jobs. Winning hearts of adjusters - more jobs. Making the adjuster's life easier - more jobs.

  • How does everything we do support why we are here?

  • What do YOU think are the pitfalls of processing contents? Where are you falling short? Does everything you do support the Why and How we discussed above?

  • Our contents process. It's simple. And it starts with a perfect inventory. It is maintained by maintenance - using the technology to keep things organized. It's how we operate. It's the only way we operate. Keep things organized. Keep. Things. Organized.

  • When we are organized, we do things right. We make less mistakes. We make adjusters and insurdes happy. The company gets more work. The company becomes more profitable. There are more monies available to grow our infrastructure, jobs, and security in this market.

2. Technology

  • We are using technology to support why we are here, our goals, and how to achieve them. Everything we do using iCat supports these goals.

  • It starts with the inventory. From there, we can run our entire contents process with ease, simplicity, and organization.

  • The quality of the images. Insureds will see the pictures you take. We just took everything they own and your photos are their only connection. For items being replaced, your quality photos are the only evidence to ensure they get paid fairly for their contents.

  • The barcoding of boxes and single items. Our entire organization will be like a clean bedroom, bed made, clothes put away, calm and efficiency through organization.

  • **Everything we do at the packout is amplified as we move through the claim: from customer relations; reporting; estimating and billing; production; storage; delivery; right through to disposal. **Ensure you and teams understand how each stage of the contents lifecycle is impacted by the quality of their pack-out inventory.

3. Commitment - This is the job.

  • Understand the basic requirements to keep the momentum of excellence and company confidence in processing contents. Organization is a beautiful thing, and creates a happy work environment.

  • Learn how to inventory contents using iCat. Watch the training videos. Understand the "Why" behind what you are doing. Understand the impact to the insured, the company, and your day to day job.

  • Understand the impact of doing things right, and its impact on your job.

  • The 'ask' is simple: Use iCat to perform an accurate inventory. Use iCat to move contents and organize the warehouse. Use iCat to update contents status and package contents for storage and delivery. At a minimum, this is what is required by all Contents Staff.

  • At a minimum, this is the base measurement for this role, and any and all related reviews.

  • Surprisingly, the minimum brings you and the entire organization to a high level of competency where everyone benefits.

4. Learning to use iCat

  • Everyone should be familiar with the basic functions of inventory for pack-out, inventory for non-salvage, warehouse transfers, restoration & packaging, and understanding how resources and tags are set up and their impact on the aforementioned, especially how the inventory impacts the estimate/billing.

  • Admin teams should be familiar with full reporting options, available iCat admin technologies (Fast CATALOG, Fat LKQ), and web portals.

  • Marketing teams should be familiar with iCat, and how it supports the culture of delivering a perfect experience to every stakeholder (insured, adjuster, owner, team). Sell your operational excellence. iCat's technology, and your team's dedication to organization, is what enables your organization to both handle volume and deliver at that high bench mark of customer satisfaction on each and every claim - that's the magic.

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