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iCat's Latest Audio Inventory Feature vs In-App Image Recognition

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In-app image recognition ultimately confused and frustrated users while increasing inventory cycle times.   Certainly, not a solution for iCat inventory professionals who require accuracy and speed over anything. 

Our latest Audio Inventory feature allows users to quickly and confidently add perfect descriptions to their inventory.  When taking a picture, the app is listening to you for a description.  Our AI solution will select the a matching description from your Internal iCat Catalog or our national contents replacement database.

To turn this feature on or off during inventory, tap on the blue microphone icon in the bottom right of the camera view (by default it will be Off),  and then select if you want it on or off going forward.

Once it's on, and you take a picture, describe the item with as few words as possible.  You have a few seconds. If you don't want to wait just tap the grey screen when you are done speaking.

Remember that the status you selected prior is very important, as it determines which database of descriptions it will process from (leave it  for cleanable/salvageable which uses iCat's cleaning database along with your custom descriptions - or select a replacement type status if non-salvageable and descriptions will be pulled from iCat's national replacement catalog, including depreciation data such as class, type, category, and depreciation.

Select your status first!

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