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Service Master Reviews iCat Inventory
Service Master Reviews iCat Inventory

Read real feedback and reviews from current Service Master franchises using iCat for contents inventory and production control.

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Linnertz, Chelsa - ServiceMaster by Desert Dry: iCat has been a lifesaver. Being in this industry for 14 years I did not realize how much time and labor was being wasted. Now that we’ve been on iCat for almost 2 years, it has become our life line to our clients and staff. Questions about contents are answered with the click of a mouse. I wish I had made the change sooner.

W/O iCat I would not be able to get married. Seriously …. It will allow me the freedom to take my honeymoon and be out of the country and keep an eye on what is going on.

Evenhouse, Sonia - ServiceMaster DSI - Chicago, IL, United States:  I love the iCat system that we use for our pack outs.  Couldn't be any happier.  The set up, the app itself,  its awesome.  Especially, the customer support is always there when you need them for what ever reason.  One of the nice things about it is the iCat cataloging and pricing services, as it makes your job go so much smoother, you don't have to worry about figuring out the prices, iCat does it ALL! Which I LOVE!!!  Our company has been using iCat for a while but myself been using it for almost 2 years and it has made my job so much easier.  I'm saying it again: I couldn't be any happier.  Thank you iCat for all your support! 

Partida, Ana - ServiceMaster Restore by C2C - Los Angeles, CA, United States:  What sets iCat apart is their customer service, which is vital to our organization. Their Help Center is loaded with step-by-step tutorials and How-To videos. If you prefer a Ask & Answer experience they are always ready and able to assist with even the simplest of questions. They made it easy to make the transition from handwritten inventory to a truly state of the art experience.

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