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SERVPRO Contractor Feedback

SERVPRO contractors give their feedback after using iCat Contents Inventory and Production Software.

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ICAT is above and beyond the rest. Many years in the contents restoration industry, and I have used multiple software. This is undoubtedly, the most advanced and state of the art, user friendly inventory software. It is easy, fast and has every feature needed to complete a project from start to finish. It reduces field and administrative time by at least 50 percent. For non-salvage reports, there is a difference of about 70 percent time saved. Years of excel and handwritten lists with photos, was a painful and non profitable process. Whenever you can streamline and create a simple software that creates a one time process, it reduces redundancy and increases accuracy. Time is money, and if you are serious about contents, ICAT is the only software to use. Riddle, Crissy Servpro of Bellemeade West Nashville

I give iCat a five star review. I have yet to be let down by their support team. Any question I had about how to use any new update to the iCat system, they walked me through it 100% of the way. I have learned a lot so far and I have no doubt that if I come across a problem will be able to find a solution through support.

iCat software has helped our company grow so much. Using iCat has improved the way our team document items on a job. Also, we are able to locate items documented more efficiently. Production cost has been cut back.  A big thanks for the great customer service! Carolina Martinez - Content Cleaning - Extreme Response Team (ERT) | Elite Designation - SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks

We are currently using iCat along with another program and what i can tell you in the short time we have been using properly(still not even at full potential) is that the use by the techs, office, and rest of staff is UNBELIEVABLE!! The accountability and ease of use is so simple. No more lost items, no more wondering where an item is, no more we damaged it! I look forward to using  iCat for a very long time and pushing its boundaries!! Oh and their tech support personnel, top notch and have never had to wait more than a few minutes for responses!!! Even on the 4th of July! Mena, Ethan - Servpro of N Vista San Marcos

I joined SERVPRO a few months back having been in the advertising industry for many years. Managing the content portion of our business has its challenges. I began learning the iCat inventory system a few months ago and have had an outstanding customer service experience. There are online videos and articles to help familiarize yourself with the processes.

The online support team has been exceptional yet I find myself spending more time than I would like to wading through videos and articles.  I look forward to learning more about how we can utilize iCat into our systems here at SERVPRO. Carol A. White - Project Manager - SERVPRO of Edmonds | Lynnwood | Bellevue West

iCat has been very helpful in easily tracking our customers inventory through the restoration process. It allows us to know where things are and what stage of restoration they are in. Also love that the ability to scan a barcode and find all the info and pictures for an item or box.  Borden, Rachel - Servpro of Allen, Barren, Hart, Green and Taylor C

iCat has made such a huge impact on how our business operates when it comes to content management. From mapping our vault storage in our warehouse, to inventorying the content in those vaults, to managing the productivity of our content cleaning teams, iCat has been a great resource for our business. In addition to it being a great system for tracking everything mentioned, the Xavier chat function has been a life saver! Being new in role as our iCat Administrator, they have helped answer all of my questions and even assisted with functions that I was not able to perform on my end – they were able to make our vision for mapping our warehouse come to life by re-organizing locations behind the scenes. We also recently implemented the subcontract tracking features into our daily use. Being able to see exactly which vendors have which items within iCat instead of tracking that separately has streamlined the content management side of things tremendously. Haslam, Robin - Servpro of Puyallup/Sumner, Auburn/Enumclaw, and L..

iCat Software is hands-down the pack out software to have. Using the software is so easy you will think you are doing something wrong. They are constantly making enhancements to the software, expanding on the already vast list of capabilities. With iCat, we are able to provide a new level of customer service to our customers and insurance contacts, setting us apart from the competition. Nick and Lorelei Steen – SERVPRO® of Northwest Portland

After speaking with our field crew, warehouse staff, and office staff, we compiled each other’s sentiments into the following quote, “Fast Pack-Out" is easy to use and learn, easy to implement, and fun to use! Mike Hogan – SERVPRO® of Olathe/Lenexa

iCat is more than contents inventory software. It’s a complete A to Z system for helping my customers, my operations and my sales from the FNOL to the COS. Kevin Haaser – SERVPRO® of Cheviot and Cleves

iCAT has been an amazing tool for pack outs in our business. Having everything you need at your fingertips via the web saves time and money when it comes to inventory. Very easy to use and has many features that are desirable to companies that would like to transform their pack out procedures. Give customers and clients direct access to their items. Track your inventory with a breeze using your iPhone or iPad. If you do more than 10 pack outs a year, this product is a no-brainer. Brady Wilson – SERVPRO® of Birmingham

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