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How To Turn Room Photos into Content Items
How To Turn Room Photos into Content Items

Mistakes happen! This video will show you how to correct the problem if contents pictures were accidently added to room photos.

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It happens.  You are not the first to take content images under room images thinking you were performing an inventory.  

We have a fix to help you take room photos and turn them into content items.  It's a bit tedious, but it can be done.

  • Rooms View> Select the Room with Images

  • Select Manage Images button at the bottom 

  • Click on a Thumbnail(s) of an image which you want to turn into a content item.

  • Select Create New Job Item from the Manage Images options.

  • Follow the Prompts


If you have done this with more than 100 items, you may think about exporting the images, and then using Upload Fast Packout Inventory from the respective Job Dashboard  to upload them into iCat, thus creating a single line item per picture.  You may have to use the gallery view to merge images which belong to the same item.  


Select All the images and create one line item.  Then go into the Item Dashboard of the item you just created, and from there you can split images into individual content items.  

Confused?  Chat with us, we will help.

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