Inventory Non-Salvage using the App

Use the iCat Inventory App to document non-salvage inventory. Learn best practices for full descriptions or to leverage Fast CATALOG.

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There are two core approaches to using iCat to inventory non-salvage contents (which are outlined in the video below), which are either inventorying with full descriptions at the loss site or inventorying to leverage iCat's Fast CATALOG service to auto-name the inventory.

The latter method is the most popular, as it allows teams to fly through an on-site non-salvage inventory almost 70% quicker, as no descriptions, categories, or additional information is required during the inventory process other than taking photos.

The following reviews both approaches.  Users can quickly understand the benefit of only having to perform a photo inventory at the loss site.  Using iCat's Quick Shot Inventory is also reviewed so that users may understand how to leverage this tool best to attain the fastest, most accurate non-salvage inventory possible).

Using the App to inventory Non-Salvage

If you or your team are new to the Non-Salvage Inventory, the following video will help you understand the who, what, and why associated with this service.  A good foundational knowledge of why the inventory is being created in the first place will assist users in performing an inventory better as they will have a better understanding and purpose.

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