Select a Room from the Rooms List to access the respective Room Dashboard.

The Room Dashboard

Use the Action Menu on the top right to perform the following: 

  • View Images: View all room images.

  • Room Settings: Add Room Measurements and other characteristics.

  • Edit Room: Change the Room Name or Room Number

  • Notes: Add a Room Note

  • Add New Image: Take another Room Image(s)

Room Summary can be seen in the icons at the top of the view: total room images taken, boxes & single items inventoried to date, and the number of room notes.   Tap to navigate to the relevant screen.    Note: The contents inventory view will open and will filter to show either all Boxes or all Single Items  - depending on which of icon was selected.

Room Settings:  This depicts the status of the room settings for this particular room. Either it is Not Started, In Progress, or Completed.  Tap to open the Room Settings overlay.

Note: Room Settings affect billing when using iCat's Cleaning Cost Catalog (2019) and Field Reserves Estimating Tool (2019)

  • Room Size: Manually enter the room size or use the app to take a virtual measurement.

  • Organization Level:  Is the house messy, or organized?

  • Volume of Contents:  Is the room filled, or not?

  • Cleaning Level: Hand clean spray and wipe - or full wet wash?

  • Odor Level: Does is smell:  Will you need to treat the odor?

  • Source of Loss:  Did the fire start in this room?

View All Room Images by selecting VIEW ALL.  By default, this view will display the most recent images.

Top Right Menu enables the following Actions: 

Take New Photo

  • Click to take new Room Images.  User will be prompted to select type of image: Walk-In (pictures prior to work start/contents manipulation); Walk-Out (when leaving for the day), and General (general images during the course of inventory/pack-back)

  • Note: in the camera mode, if the user selects the Panorama icon, they can take a full panoramic image of the room.

Play Slideshow

  • Click to watch a slideshow movie of all (or select filtered) room images.


Room Settings

  • Important if using iCat's Cleaning Cost Database (2019)


  • Use voice to text or type an important note for this room.

  • User can also choose to add a Video Note.  Audio from the video note will be auto transcribed and included as written text after uploaded to the cloud.

View Individual Room Photo by tapping on the image

Delete an Image

Pack-Back Mirror

  • Use this tool to help you correctly reset furniture and small objects exactly the way they were at the time of inventory/pack-out.

  • Use the slider to change the intensity of the original image overlay.  You can also tap photo to take a picture showing the item returned to the same position.

Use Smart Search Filters to view just the images that matter for the intended inquiry.
Filter by Walk-In (before work start), Walk-Out (before leaving for the day), General, First Visit, Last Visit, Custom Date (displays the days images were taken).

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