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iCat Inventory App - Contractor Edition: The Rooms List

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Select a Job and navigate to the Rooms List by selecting Rooms in the Job Menu.

Search for a Room by typing in the search bar or swiping up or down to scroll through the rooms list. Β Select a Room to access the respective Room Dashboard.

​Download Images (taken from other devices already uploaded to the cloud) from the Top Right Menu, in addition to Adding a New Room.
Hint: Download Images at the warehouse before attending a Pack-Back

The room line displays a summary at a glance so that a user can see how many room images were taken, boxes inventoried, single items inventoried, and if the administrative details of the room have been entered (such as room measurement, level of contents, organization level, odor level, etc.)

​The Smart Search Filter at the bottom of the view lets the user use popular search filters to see only those rooms with images/data not synced with the cloud, rooms without contents, and rooms with notes.

Edit a Room Name or Number or Delete a Room by swiping (right to left <<<<).

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