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iCat Inventory App - Contractor Edition: The Job Dashboard

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From the Jobs List, select a Job to open its respective Job Dashboard.

The top portion depicts the address on Google Maps and the property image taken by an app operator.  The map can be adjusted by swiping or pinching in/out.  

The icons in the middle bar provide a quick job summary of total room images taken, boxes & single items inventoried to date, and the number of room notes.   Tap on either icon to navigate to the relevant screen.  
Note: The contents inventory view will open and filter to show all Boxes or all Single Items  - depending on which icon was selected.

Claims Notes carry over the Job Instructions added when creating the job in the cloud.

The icons under the Claims Notes section display known location and job information regarding dwelling type, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and the claim type (fire/water/sewage/etc.)

View All Room Images by selecting VIEW ALL.  By default, the lower portion of the Job Dashboard will display the most recent images.    This is an excellent way for users to see all room images by date or type (Walk-in, Walk-out)

Hint: If you arrive for an inventory or pack-back the next day, it's good practice to see what condition the prior team left the property in.  Tap View All, then use the smart search filter to show Walk-Out Images from the Last Visit.  

Use Smart Search Filters to view just the images that matter for the intended inquiry.  Filter by Walk-In (before work starts), Walk-Out (before leaving for the day), General, Room, Custom Date (displays the day's images were taken)

To Edit the Job, select the menu on the top right of the Job Dashboard View.

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