Why use Field Services?

Organize Field & Scheduling Operations

  • Schedule and keep track of current and upcoming appointments.

  • Make mornings smooth:  understand which vehicles are incoming from previous field work, and which need to be prepared for upcoming field service. 

  • Field Service Documentation to help organize the day’s activities, while acting as a vessel to deliver important field information required for billing to the office, or vice versa.

  • Pick-lists Packing Slips, Road Reports.  All the warehouse documentation you need to keep organized.

Improve Packback Accuracy

  • Confirm the correct items were picked by warehouse teams prior to leaving.


Capture Billable Time - For Anything

  • Field services enable you to capture time spent on site, along with vehicles and resources used.

  • If you bill by the hour, you can create a field service for in-house restoration and capture time spent cleaning and/or any other related claim production.

  • Get creative: use field services anytime you want to capture your billable hours. Example: When insured visits facility to review contents, capture the time spent preparing contents for client walkthrough.  Time spent during client walkthrough. Time spent wrapping up and putting contents back into storage.

Estimates That Build Confidence

  • Each billable field service is displayed on the main report.  All activities are outlined in detail, supporting all time at the job site, at the facility.

Use Field Services to Manage Subcontractor Activities via the Subcontractor Module

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