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1. Receive a New Job
3. Arrange On-site Pack-Out and Inventory
3. Arrange On-site Pack-Out and Inventory

Schedule your initial visit to the loss site. Use the field services tool within it, if needed, to help organize a busy schedule.

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When talking to the insured to arrange your first on-site visit, it's best to set all expectations while gathering all relevant information.

For example, you may advise the following: 

  • How the on-site team will document the loss and contents

  • The Non-Salvage Inventory Process

  • Remind them they can access their secure Homeowner Portal at any time

  • What is being done at the appointment?  Perhaps this may be a walk-through to understand the job scope and provide a reserve estimate.

  • What is expected of the insured: You may request they be present during the entire appointment, that they only speak to the designated Road Lead for any instructions on-site, to have any Rush Items or Sentimental Items set aside or flagged for the Road Lead to inventory correctly, etc.

You may request the following information: 

  • How many people live at the residence?

  • The type of residence (home, apt)

  • Remove any cash, jewelry, pets, or firearms before the teams arrive on-site.

  • You request they complete any required documentation, such as authorization forms, payment directions, photo inventory acknowledgment, etc.

iCat does have a Field Service tool, which allows you to schedule any billable (or non-billable) scheduled activity.  This is an advanced feature.  Here's how:

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