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1. Contact the Insured: Introductory Call
1. Contact the Insured: Introductory Call

Making first contact with your insured is the best opportunity to start the claim on the right foot.

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Of course, the first thing you do when you get a claim is to call the insured.  If any contents work is involved, this is an excellent opportunity to discuss how you will be processing their job, specifically at their home/property.

Build Confidence

Explain to the insured how you inventory their contents, including full images to document exactly what they have and what will be removed, and that you will be barcoding all boxes and large items so that everything can be tracked and accounted for throughout the process lifecycle.

If there is a non-salvage component, explain this process too: You are photo documenting all contents, and the insured will have their portal to review every single non-salvage item, with the opportunity to input purchase details.  Highlight the fact that your process helps them get paid quicker!  

Let them know you will send them an email (shortly after your call with them), which will include login information to their homeowner portal.   This portal will be their go-to source to see all their contents online in the comfort of their home.

By doing this, you have set their expectation regarding the pack-out process and likely impressed them with your technology and approach - a great start!

Learn More About the Insured

How many people live there, the dwelling size, and any critical information you need to attend onsite successfully while catering to their needs?

Many companies send documents ahead of time, such as Directions of payment, authorization forms, disposal forms, and any document required by the company to proceed with the first stages of work.   It's best to send this before arriving on-site so that no time is wasted when you first visit the insured - and - they are fully aware and prepared for your visit.

Log the call and respective notes in the Job Dashboard (8:40 sec).

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