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Update Content Item Status after Cleaning
Update Content Item Status after Cleaning

After cleaning, mark the item as restored using the cloud or the app.

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Cleaning and production tasks are now recommended to be performed using the Contractor Edition of the iCat Inventory App available for iOS.

This video demonstrates how to perform this in the cloud browser for reference and administrative purposes only.

Necessary: A label printer MUST be installed on a computer where you will be cleaning / re-boxing / packaging contents.  Or, if using the mobile app, a Brother wi-fi printer (recommended by iCat).

After the contents have been packed out and brought to the restoration facility, they must be cleaned, inspected, re-packaged, and placed into storage until the insured is ready to receive them.

Did you know? When a content item is uploaded into iCAT, the default production status is “CLEANABLE” (if a cleaning status was not selected at the time of Packout). ThisProduction Status is continually updated automatically based on transactions & functions performed by the user.

  1. Scan or Select the Item/Box(s).

  2. From the Action Menu, select <Apply Status>

  3. Select the appropriate status, such as Restored, if the item was successfully cleaned.

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