Cleaning and production tasks are now recommended to be performed using the Contractor Edition of the iCat Inventory App available for iOS.

Important: A label printer MUST be installed to a computer which is located in the area you will be cleaning / re-boxing / packaging contents.  Or, if using the mobile app, a Brother wi-fi printer (recommended by iCat).

At some point, after the contents have been packed out and brought to the restoration facility, they will need to be cleaned, inspected, re-packaged, and placed into storage until such time the insured is ready to receive them.

Did you know? When a content item is uploaded into iCAT, the default productionstatus is “NEW” (if a cleaning status was not selected at the time of Packout). ThisProduction Status continually updated automatically based on transactions & functions performed by the user.

  1. Scan or Select the Item/Box(s).

  2. From the Action Menu, select <Apply Status>

  3. Select the appropriate status, such as Restored, if the item was successfully cleaned.

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