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Barcode Not Recognized in iCat
Barcode Not Recognized in iCat

If a barcode is not recognized within iCat, there are a few reasons why. Here is how to troubleshoot this issue.

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HELP! Barcodes Not Recognized!

Here is a list of possible reasons:

1. Packout is not uploaded successfully: Either the entire Pack-out has not been uploaded, or it failed half way through either because of the auto screen lock or drop in internet connection. If this is the case, the barcode data is not in iCAT and the software will not recognize these barcodes. Upload thePackout >Refresh your production view, and begin to transfer the item.

2. The item was not cataloged: It happens.  Sometimes a Packout technician forgets to catalog a content item after putting a barcode on the box. Set this aside, figure out if it in fact needs to be cataloged (after you have tried the above solution) and proceed to Inventory the item/box using the Pack-out app and re-upload > Refresh your production view, and begin to transfer the item.

3. The scanner will not recognize/read the barcode: If the print quality is off, or the wrong viewer was used to print the barcode (always print barcodes using ADOBE READER), or the barcode was damaged during transport. Set this aside, and manually transfer this item last.  It may be easy to see what the item/box barcode is after you have transferred all contents as it will be the only item not in a location. You can then select it, reprint and affix the barcode by selecting “Reprint Barcode” from the action menu, and finally transfer to your desired destination location.

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