Note: Due to the power and technology available in the new iCat Inventory App: Contractor Edition, we recommend that most transfers be completed using the app, for ease of use.

The Transfer function within the iCAT Production View is a simple and powerful tool to ensure your contents division is organized right down to the last box. The confidence which comes with being organized at this level will impact every facet of your contents process.

Use this function to transfer items or locations from one location to another.

For example:

  • After Packout: move contents from the truck into vaults, shelves, holding areas etc.

  • General Warehousing: transferring vaults or pallets to storage areas.

  • Transferring packaging boxes into clean vaults after cleaning.

  • Moving replacement items or salvage items into holding or disposal areas.

  • Moving contents from one box, into another box.

Warehouse Locations and Movable Locations such as vaults & pallets must be set up.

Transfer can ONLY be performed from within the Production View. Ensure all pack-out data are successfully uploaded and the Production View is refreshed after any recent Pack-out uploads.

If the barcode is not recognized by iCat, look into the reason why here.

Transfer contents using the keyboard

Be warned: Manipulating, and transferring contents without physically scanning each item or box opens your contents division up for possible quality control errors as these transfers are “assumed” to take place, and not actually taking place (as contents/locations are not individually scanned). This is best left for an admin user who is familiar with iCAT, the contents operations, and the reasons for making these type of administrative transfers.

Note: When you search/filter the production view by the job name, it turns on a hidden feature which allows you to “Select All”.   Be careful.

1. Select a location or item from the left tree view in the lower left pane of the screen.

  • Select a MOVABLE location such as a box, vault/pallet/skid, if you want to move the entire location and its contents together while keeping the existing parent child relationships intact; and/or,

  • Select individual items if you want to move the item OUT of its current location.

Note: You can expand the left location tree by selecting the triangle to see what other items and locations are attached to the main location.

Careful: If you expand the box and only click on the check box of the item in the box,and not the box itself, you will transfer the item “out” of the box.  Using the new contractor edition of the app prevents these errors, unless it is intended.

Eg. Moving one laptop out of a box of electronics to be placed into a new

To move the box, with existing contents inside it, select the checkbox beside the box name/barcode.

2. Select Transfer.

Manually select <Transfer> from the Action Menu. This opens the Transfer Location window.

The Transfer window makes it easy to understand what you are moving:

  • Single Items: “Job Items To Be Moved” display all single items which are not in a location,or selected from within their existing locations (so that only the item moves).

  • Locations: The lower half of the page shows locations you have selected which can include boxes, pallets/vaults/carts. Any item which exists inside these locations will be moved with the location into the “to be” selected destination location.

3. Select the Destination Location you would like to move the selected items and locations into.  You can begin typing inside the Location Box and/or select from the pull down menu of locations in your facility

4. Select “TRANSFER” to complete the transaction. The destination location will be highlighted on the left. If you expand the destination location you will see the locations and items you transferred.

Do You Know? iCAT will warn you when there is any type of restriction violation during a transfer, such as transferring locations types into same location types, transferring multiple jobs into single restricted job locations, etc., so that you can rectify yourselections to proceed with the transfer.

What’s Next?

Option: Move Destination Location into another higher level location. For example,if you moved items into a Vault, you can then select the Vault and transfer it to a warehouse location so that it is easy to locate in the future. To do this, scan/select the Vault which you just moved contents into, and repeat the transfer process to place the vault into a warehouse location.

Option: Printing a location report for the vault/skid/etc.

When moving many contents into a single claim location such as a Vault or a Pallet, you can print a location report and affix it to the location. This is a great way to keep your warehouse visually organized – especially from a distance as the report prints in a large font.

The following fields are displayed:

  • Date Report Printed

  • Insured Last Name, First Name

  • Location Name

  • Barcode (easy for the forklift operator to scan)

  • The dominant item status of contents in this location. At a glance, you can see if the location contains “restored” or “Non-Salvage” contents.

  • Box count by type + total items not in a box

  • Page 2: A list of everything in this location.

A complete solution to organize your facility.

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