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2. Pack-Out Inventory
1. Generate Pack-out Inventory Barcode Labels
1. Generate Pack-out Inventory Barcode Labels

Pre-print inventory labels to be used at a pack-out.

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After creating a job, print out barcodes to bring to the job site so that the road team can properly tag all the large items and boxes.

To enable this step, you must have:

  1. Your computer connected to the internet,

  2. A continuous roll barcode printer installed/setup, or laser printer with the correct Avery label media.

  3. Adobe Reader installed.

Note: Barcodes are only required IF tracking contents back at the restoration facility is apriority. Using a barcode scanner to transfer, assign cleaning status, reprint barcodes,and tackle all the physical work related to the contents restoration process is EASY. Set up the contents division for success: take the time to get the right equipment setup for use.

The efficiency impact to an organization powered by iCAT which uses barcodes on allboxes and single items is invaluable.

To print barcodes for a Packout:

From Admin Header

  1. Select <Generate Unique Barcode Series> from the Admin menu header select Jobs. 

From Job Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Jobs View and select the reference number of Job needing pack-out barcodes.

  2. You can also narrow your job list by creating a Job search. Type in your Job or use the Pull down to select the Job then select <Search>. This will display only the Job you selected in the Job List.

  3. Select Job <Reference #>: Select the blue link Ref # next to the job name. This will open it's Job Dashboard.

  4. Generate Barcodes: Select the Generate Barcodes.

  5. Enter Number: Enter the Number of barcodes you need in the popup and selectGenerate. The number should be based on the job size: think about how many boxes and single items may be removed from the location. It is better to select morethan less. The more jobs completed, the more accurate the estimate of barcodes to be consumed will become.

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