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Wasp Windows Printer Settings
Wasp Windows Printer Settings
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  1. To set the printer to print to the labels properly, first go to the Printing Preferences for the printer. 

 2. First, for Orientation select Portrait.

 3. Under Page Setup, click the New button.

 4. Give the new stock a name and under Label Size, set the Width to 1.50in and the Height to 0.50in - SET THE SIZE ACCORDING TO THE LABELS YOU HAVE PURCHASED.

 5. Under Exposed Liner Width set the Left to 0.04in and Right to 0.04in and save by clicking the OK button.

 6. Next, back in the Printing Preferences window, under the Stock tab, change the Type to “Labels with Gap”, set the Gap Height to 0.12in and the Gap Offset to 0.04in, and for Post-Print Action select “Tear Off”.

 7. When printing labels, if the barcode and text is not centred well on the page (see below), then in the Page Setup tab for the Printing Preferences, click the Advance Options button.

 8. Under the advance options, you can experiment by adjusting the horizontal and vertical offsets slightly to reposition where the barcode will be printed on the label. Save the settings by clicking the OK button and test it by printing another barcode, until it is properly centred.

You can download the printer settings below:

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