Job Production Status
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These Status are automatically updated by the system based on the properties of the Item Status, as well for the Job, it is based on the culmination of status for items related to the job.


Job has been created and no Initial Call has made for the job yet or any actions done.


Items are being entered into system and Itemization has begun or completed, but no cleaning has begun.


Itemization has been completed and cleaning has begun, only applies to jobs with Restoration in the action plan.

Quality Control

[Applies to Modern Contents Processing Facilities who clean and perform quality contol as a seperate event) Itemization has been completed and items are being serviced into Inspection. Also, if restoration is required, all items must be serviced out from Restoration.


All items have been inspected and have an Item Status.


All items being returned have finish packaging.


Pricing has been completed and all items have storage location, except items with status set to Replacement, Replacement with Salvage Value, or Salvage; or item has location LOS (Left On Site).


All items have been Delivered, Disposed, LOS and/or marked as Salvage.


Job is closed and finalized via the Close Job button.

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