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Each item has its own Production Status which is automatically set by the system according to the follow parameters:

Itemization Complete

Catalog / Itemization is completed by user


If Reclean is selected for an item during inspection, Production Status becomes Reclean and will then continue back along the flow at Cleaning Production Status as it enters the restoration department (Service In).

Cleaning (Modern Contents Processing)

Item enters and is scanned into the restoration department via Service In button.

Cleaned (Modern Contents Processing)

Items exit and is scanned out of the restoration department via Service Out button.

Quality Control (Modern Contents Processing)

Item enters and is scanned into the inspection department via Service In button.


Item has been repaired and has been returned to warehouse from subcontractor for Reinspection.


Item has one of the following “Item Status” assigned to it:


Replacement with Sentimental Value

Return As-Is




Item is packed into a box or onto a skid by packaging department.

In Storage

When an item, box, skid is assigned to a storage location, the item and items in the box or on the skid change to In Storage.

Waiting for Disposal

Item has been marked for Replacement under Item Status and location is not Disposed (still requires disposal).

Salvage Review

Item status has been changed to Replacement with Salvage Value and requires reviewing before final salvage or disposal.


Replacement item has been disposed of.


Items have been selected on a road report for a delivery and have not been signed off yet on the pick list.

In Transit

Item has been selected for a delivery and been confirmed by a manager.


Item is delivered back to the client.

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