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How To Split or Divide a Content Item
How To Split or Divide a Content Item

How to split or divide an item into two or more line items using the Job Item dashboard.

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Sometimes and item needs to be split, for reasons as simple as user error during the inventory stage, to an item needing to be split because one part needs to be replaced while another part can be restored (painting in a damaged frame), or if several quantities of an item were not able to cleaned while the rest could.  

We know "stuff" happens, and we built a tool to help you.

For detailed instruction, watch the video below.

You can divide a line item in either Item Detail View or the Contents Production View.

A.  Item Detail View:

        In Item Detail View, select the divide feature to create new line item.

B.  Contents Production View:

     Find the item by searching the Barcode or Item Ref# or Description

     Select <Divide> from the drop down <Action Menu>.

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