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Contents Disposal

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Note: With recent improvements to the Close Job function, which will automatically dispose of all non-salvage contents in iCat, the task of individually or bulk disposing contents may not be a required function for your organization.

While the task is an administrative function, using the Close Job feature should not replace the requirement of physically finding and disposing non-salvage contents in your possession associated with a particular job prior to closing the file/job.


To individually dispose of contents:

  1. Make sure you updated the <Approve for Disposal> checkbox in the respective insured's Job Dashboard to confirm you have documented the insureds authorization to dispose of contents.  

  2. Navigate to the Contents Production View, and then select the <Disposal> radio button.  This will filter all items for Replacement (except those with Sentimental or Salvage Value) which have approval from the insured to be disposed.  

  3. You can further narrow the search results by Job or location or any field which helps you focus on just what needs to be disposed.  Doing this is helpful if you are doing this manually with out a scanner.   Using a scanner is recommended as you will have a true representation of what was actually / physically disposed of.

  4. If you are doing this manually, to select all contents which match your filter/search results, you can select the checkbox beside both <Items With Locations> and <Items Without Locations> 

5. Select <Dispose> from the Action Menu. This will update the production status of these items as Disposed.

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