Contents Delivery Process

How to perform a contents delivery.

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Track which contents are being delivered to your customers.  iCat will generate all required documentation to help you find, prepare, and sign-off on all contents to be delivered to your Insured.

Navigate to the Contents Production View to perform a delivery. 

Basically, you will be first searching by the Job (and further refining by the items you want to delivery, such as Restored status, and/or Rush, and/or from a specific Room etc) using the Contents Production View.  

Once you have your search results, select all the items from the left tree menu (easier to select the checkbox beside Items with Locations and Items without Locations).

Next, from the Action Menu, select <Send for Delivery>

You will see options for using a field service (complex) or a Quick Delivery (easy).

I have included a few videos here to make it easier:

Method 3: Total Control using Field Services

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