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How To Generate A Contents Report
How To Generate A Contents Report

Contents Lists, Reports, Non-Salvage, Image Reports, explore them all.

Written by Xavier
Updated over a week ago

iCat has many content reporting options.  We recommend that you explore the available reports to understand the multiple options available to best communicate with your Adjuster, Insured, and anyone else connected to the job.

Reports can be generated from two main views:

Contents Administration View: Use this view to first filter your contents list using available search criteria and manual selection, and then apply any of our standard iCat Reports.  The benefit of this view is that you can just report on specific contents you want, such as non-salvageable electronics from the basement, or rush contents from the master bedroom.

Jobs View: We made it easy and pre-programed our most popular reports to give you
one click reporting without having to first search or filter for contents to match the report type (don't have to search for all non-salvage for a non-salvage report), nor do you have to first get into the respective Job Dashboard).  

Job Dashboard: Within the respective insured's Job Dashboard, you can run the same reports as you can from the Jobs View.  

Watch to learn how to navigate to available reports using the Jobs view.

If you want to create a custom filtered report, use the Contents Administration View, Search By [Job] + any specific criteria such as [Category =  Furniture]

After the search, select [Action Menu] and then Generate Report (if you do not select any content checkboxes, the report will include all contents from the search result).

In the report pop up, select the following option so that all images are displayed:

I recommend using the PDF Version.

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