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Add additional Item photo, or 'After Picture' Post Cleaning
Add additional Item photo, or 'After Picture' Post Cleaning

Want to show off your cleaning skills? Add an after picture and give your marketers something to show off.

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Sometimes you may want to show off how well you have cleaned an item.  Likely the only reason to add an after picture.  

Once an inventory item has been created - and - after that line item has been assigned a status such as Restored - then any picture added to the line item will be flagged as an "After Picture" - because it was added after a status was applied.

You perform this function easily on the iCat Inventory App (recommended) or in the iCat Cloud.

On the iCat Inventory App, there are two ways to add a picture.

App Scan / Picture View (Live or Off-line): 

  1. Use Scan / Picture from the Production menu.  This method is great if you have many items from the same or different claims that need more images added - or - if you need to perform this function off-line. Note: This method only works if the item has a barcode.  

App Contents Production View (Live):

  1. Select Contents Production, Scan the item / box barcode or search by the description to find the item, select the item, View the item details on the right side, tap Take Photo from the Action Menu.  Take Photo.  

To add an image in the Cloud using your browser (Chrome), navigate to the respective Item Details View and select <Upload Images>

A new tab will appear where you can browse your computer for the image(s) you wish to upload.  Select the images and press upload.  Once Done, close the tab and return to the Item Details View - refresh to see the uploaded image(s).

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